Become Distributors

We make it easy to supply the KIKGARD to your customers:

  • An account is set up automatically with your 1st fax order
  • Preprinted Fax Order Sheets are supplied for your convenience
  • There is no minimum order and all 14 standard sizes are the same low price
  • A FREE installation template [jig] is offered with each size shield you order
  • A complimentary display model & promotional poster is supplied upon request

The KIKGARD is 100 % installed in minutes on new doorjambs and can be retrofitted

Simply    offering   the   KIKGARD  allows    your   customer   to  choose the level of protection they want to provide their homes.

Knowing the weakness of the wooden doorjamb requires all door suppliers to
at least offer doorjamb reinforcement. Electing to supply customers with a product that actually works, will be one of the wisest decisions a company will ever make.